Search engine optimization is the process that affects the visibility of a web page or a website in a search engine. It considers, what people search for, how the search engines work, the actual search keywords that can be entered into the search engines and what kind of search engine the audience prefers.

Coming up with the best way that can drive a large number of traffic to a site within certain duration is not an easy work, especially if the site’s visitors want to convert into profits. There are several strategies of hastening a site for it to be noticed by the people who are in need of services, information and products of the site. Below are some of the best SEO techniques to get website traffic;

· Use of 3-5 keywords for each page inn the site

Creating the pages with the intention of grading for 2 keywords is a smart move that will assist in driving traffic to the site. For example if a site has 10 blog posts on the first month, every page should target 2 different keywords. This will result to 20 keywords thus it draw a constant traffic into the site within a month.

This SEO technique is very simple because it just requires the combination of the keywords on the post’s title and URL.

· Target easy to rank long tail keywords through blog post

if a site does not have a blog section, it is necessary to include one. Blogs are beneficial and driving traffic into a website is one of them. The long-tail keywords in a blog post can really assist in the site performance in correlation to traffic generation, viewing as this way can take the blog posts on topmost of SERP’s without any improvement through link building or off-page optimization.

Blog posts can rank themselves naturally based on the topical relevance as viewed by search engines and taking the incentive of a low competition of keywords can enhance the pages ranks in no time, thus grasping organic traffic to the site.

· Guest blog posting

This is well recognized as a link building method which is best in terms of grasping relevant traffic and the acquiring of high quality links. It best when a site has a blog that is relevant to it, it has high page ranks together with receiving a large traffic.

· Forum participation

The best strategy of gaining from this is by establishing a knowledgeable or an expert image via this channel, thus not concentrating on building links via a signature. The owner of the site can establish himself via forum sites and be active by taking part with the community would bring interested clients or visitors within a month.

· Dofollow blog commenting

Commenting on blogs through the same theme as the site is one of the effective ways of promoting the site as well as improving the keywords’ search rankings. Leaving comments on the blogs with the help of the keywords can assist in improving the site search rankings in a span of a week. This SEO technique will also drive a large traffic to a site.

These are some of the best SEO techniques to get website traffic and if put into practice the result is pleasing


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